African Hide Trading handles various types of wools specializing in rural types from the Eastern Cape. These are fine inferior merino types. We also do cross merino wools and wool shorn off skins.

Rural Wools
These are inferior merino fine wools, low yielding and of mixed lengths. We sort them for contamination of polyprop materials and excessive foreign matter only. We do two lines in these wools as follows;
TK - this line contains a floating kemp - average yield approx 43% basis schlum - average micron 20,5 - average vm 2,5% made up of burr, brand, plant matter, etc.
XTK - this line contains hard and ingrown kemp - average yield approx 46% basis schlum - average micron approx 21,5 - average vm 2,5% made up of burr, brands, plant matter, etc.

Cross Merinos
Cross or German Merinos of micron ranges 22-24 mic. We sort these wools to micron, length, style and yield.

Shorn Wools:
We do a range of wools shorn off skins. Both merino and cross-merino are available.
These wools are sorted to micron, length, style and yield.