All skins are carefully selected after pickling and packed into steel drums for export. The skins are world renowned for the manufacture of high quality Nappa garment leather, shoe leather, upholstery leather and ladies fashion gloves.

The following grades are offered:
Grades - I/II/III/IV
Grade - V CW
Grade - VICW
Grade - Light Seedy
Grade - Heavy Seedy I, II, III
Grades - Crossbreds I and II
Grade - Extra Heavy Seedy
Grade - Rejects
Grades - Karakul

All skins are drum salted or dry salted and carefully selected for double face, car seat covers, paint rollers and linings.
Grades - Crossbred Shearlings wool length inches 1/4/1/2, 1/2/1, 1/11/2 & 11/2/up - 80/20% I/II
Grades - Merino Shearlings same wool length - 80/20% I/II
Grades - Merino Linings same wool length - 60/40% I/II & III grades
Bare pelts Ribbies.
Drysalted Boer and Angora goatskins selected in I/II and 1st damaged grades.

Ave 13/16 kg per dozen, 70/30% I, II

Ave 20/24 kg per dozen, 70/30% I, II

Ave 14/17 kg per dozen